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We are a Digital Marketing Agency with a holistic approach to marketing by providing services in Digital Marketing, Content Creation, and Website Design.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a necessity in today’s business world as over 70% of traffic is now online, it’s important to capitalise on this opportunity. Social Media marketing is a cost-effective method of reaching your target audience. We help you drive results with social media set-up, management and advertising, and influencer marketing.

Social Media Setup

Need to establish your business on social media but don’t know where to start? We can set-up and optimise your social media accounts and provide you with foundation knowledge so you can manage the accounts yourself.


Our Social Media Set-Up Process


  1. Meet & Discuss which social media platforms suit your business goals. We offer services for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and more (can we include icons here?)
  2. Create a marketing plan for your success
  3. Set-up and optimise the social media accounts
  4. Add content to the accounts
  5. Handover to you (we’re always available if you need more assistance)

Social Media Management

Our Social Media Management Process


  1. If you need your Social Media channels set-up, we organise this process for you (see our Social Media Set-Up service)
  2. If you already have your Social Media channels set-up, we will optimise them for success
  3. Create a marketing plan to achieve your business goals
  4. Create ongoing organic posts
  5. Update your social media accounts regularly

Social Media Advertising

In today’s Social Media world, it isn’t enough to just create outstanding content. Advertising is required to ensure your posts are seen by your target audience.


Our Social Media Advertising Process


  1. Ensure your accounts are set-up, optimised and have high-quality content
  2. Create a Social Media Advertising strategy
  3. Create the content including the assets and copy [do you create the assets with this service? If not, maybe this can be an up-sell option]
  4. Design marketing funnels
  5. Manage the advertising campaigns and ensure they’re optimised
  6. Analyse results and assess profitability

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are a great way to reach new audiences that you know are already interested in your product or service’s niche. Influencers have developed trust with their followers and their recommendations can be seen as more credible than marketing by brands. We can assist you to work with influencers to build your brand through their community.


Our Influencer Marketing Process


  1. We seek out suitable influencers that have engaged followers in your target audience
  2. We organise the project’s parameters
  3. Ensure the content created fulfils the parameters and your business goals
  4. Review results
  5. Follow up communication with the influencer

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